February 9th, 2008

satan house

Mudcura Sanitarium - exterior

I know I may have posted about this place before, but now I've rescanned everything (everything I had - still looking for the negatives) and so you need to see it again, in all its awesomeness! For it is: Mudcura Sanitarium!!! (Also known as "Hell House," or "Satan House")

Here it is on a postcard from 1914. Here is what Action Squad has to say about it (scroll past my bad scans to the text underneath). It was a place where people with rheumatoid arthritis would take mud baths, and then it was used as a monastery.

And here it is in 1996!

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Laurens Rural Ruin Barns

This blog features the two barn buildings on the Laurens Rural Ruin property. Although they are not far from the road, the buildings are so covered by vines that they are not visible to a casual glance. The barn most close to the road served as the farm's stables. The further building was the equipment barn where the farming equipment would have been stored. There was little of value in the buildings other than a strong sense of rural history amongst the ruins as time takes its tole.

All 74 pictures of the Rural Ruin are in this flickr set.

Top: Stable Barn
Bottom: Tools of the Trade in Stable Barn

Click on picture to see more larger image

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