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hey all. I'm pretty new around here, just joined a couple of days ago, but loving it greatly. I've always had a strange yearning for abandoned things and places of all sorts.. not sure why. They really draw me in every time. I seem to enjoy the calm, silent hum in and around them. It's something you can't really hear, but you know it's there. And this feeling of loneliness, tragedy, of something everything but time has forgotten about... or at least whatever it is that these things radiate. I'm sure everyone gets something different out of it. What I don't understand, however, is... why is it that all abandoned buildings are always in absolute chaos? Things lying around as if a tornado had been through them. If it's abandoned, surely nothing is there to move it?

Anyway, I don't have many photos to share, mostly because where I live there aren't many abandoned areas, but I'll probably go out on a hike one of these days and look for some. I know there's a great abandoned factory about 15 bus-minutes away...

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Kings Park Psych Center - Long Island, New York

Im new to this community and thought I would start with sharing one of my fav places.

Kings Park is one of the 4 Psych Centers that is located on Long Island. It opened in 1895 and closed its doors in 1996. The property now has become State Park land. Only one building in Kings Park remains opened and its used for out-patient programs.

Building 93. This building tends to be everyones fav. It was used to house patient who were there for long term care. Only the first 4 floors of the building were ever opened.

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Rural Shanty in Laurens County

I am fascinating in finding the remains of the oldest wooden abandoned buildings. I believe I found just such in the form of a two or three room shanty house. It could be a barn, but a collapsed chimney speaks to the ruins being somebody's previous home. The floor was dirt and cardboard provided insulation on the inside walls. A single room still largely survives. A second room has a missing wall and a third room is largely gone.

The entire house is surrounded by brambles. I had to find what appeared to be an animal trail to get close to the building. A wider and clearer picture of the exterior of the building was not possible because of the vegetation. I am glad I found this in late winter as it would have completely disappeared underneath green growth during later months.

Another county road house and foundation was found on the same day as the shanty. All 74 pictures of the explorations are in this flickr set.

Top: Rural Home Surrounded by Brambles
Bottom: Typical Wall and Cardboard Insulation

Click on picture to see more larger image

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