February 24th, 2008

Mark Twain

Evergreen Airfield part II: Trespassing galore

I went back to the Evergreen Airfield a few weeks back, this time coming from the north, so I was breaking trespassing laws long before I got near any of the buildings.
But I got into the control tower, and was a bit dismayed that all the electronics had been removed, and the windows were in billions of pieces on the floor....but not terribly surprised.
Also, I should mention that I was wrong before in thinking that the residential landing strip was closed...in between the times I've shot pictures there, I was exploring some woods near the residential strip, and a plane landed just a few feet outside the woods, and went to park at the house of the pilot.

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Mark Twain

"Dublin" area of Battle Ground Washington

Sometime in the 19th century, a bunch of Irish immigrants settled just north of where Battle Ground Washington is today.
They had a town called "Dublin", and their church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, was for some reason at that time located in Battle Ground proper.
Eventually, they built a new Sacred Heart in between Battle Ground and Dublin, which is where I actually went to church as a kid, after we moved out here.
They also had a cemetery, also called Sacred Heart, in downtown Dublin.
Unfortuantely, Dublin is basically gone now, except for "Dublin Road" and the Sacred Heart Cemetery.
Just south of the cemetery is this oldish abandoned house, which I did an "exploratory" shoot of the same day I first entered the "1904" house in Battle Ground.
I'm still new to this, so when I explore places, I tend to not got very far the first time, especially if it's a house.
So all the interior shots here are frome the front doorway, smelling the mold, and having a(vague?paranoid?) feeling that someone may be squatting there.
Anyway, I plan to return there soon, but here's what I got that day(February 1st).
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