February 28th, 2008


20 years

I know some of you are interested in the fixing up and reuse of abandoned places, and this is a success story. While I am sad to see the beauty of broken windows and sagging tin turned into yet another apartment building, I would much rather they fix an old building up than tear it down. I've been taking pictures of one particular building for 20 years, and I find it interesting to see all the pictures of one part as it changes through those years.

Here it is abandoned, in 1987 when I first started taking its picture.

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Abandoned Places – SoCal Group Exploration (15 Dec 07)

After a somewhat enforced absence, I’m happy to offer you some views from a trip I took with several members from socal_abandoned. The first site we went to was once a lovely little bungalow near Culver City and in the heart of Greater Los Angeles. In fact I was more than a bit surprised because the house is nestled among in a nice neighborhood.

Don’t bother knocking

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