March 11th, 2008

how does one get permission?

Hello fellow explorers, I have a question for you all. In my town there is a beautiful abandoned mansion built in the 1910s that I'd love to explore and take photographs of, however it is bristling with silent alarms that will swiftly bring a representative from the local police department. How could I go about getting permission to traipse through the beauty? I am okay with stretching the truth... There are quickly-approaching plans (as in, the next few months) to demolish this place and set up a Bed & Breakfast, so time is of the essence! Thanks in advance!

Also, so this post isn't text only, look under the cut for some pictures of abandoned places I've been to in the past few years.

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this shit is banananananas

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I don't know what this lovely building is called, just that it was painted white and had most of its windows replaced in 2005 but has remained for sale for  years. Nobody uses it, it seems nobody wants it.

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One day I won't be alone in my picture taking adventures, this was just a spur of the moment thing I did while I just happened to be in the crumbling downtown area. I've one more set to post and I'll do that tomorrow. I hope you've all enjoyed these!