March 13th, 2008


sad news for Chippewa Lake

According to an article in the Medina County Gazette, last week a developer bought the land where Chippewa Lake Amusement Park stands. They plan to tear it down and build a lake resort in its place. The article mentions the park now as "dilapidated equipment, a decaying Ferris wheel and a lone wooden roller coaster."

I've been to Chippewa Lake three times and consider it one of the the Holy Grails of abandoned places, so this is really sad news for me. According to the article, it's going to take a little while for the developer to get through all the bureaucratic red tape to actually start construction, so if you've always wanted to see this amazing place, I'd recommend going soon. I'm going to be in the area next week so I'll probably stop by for a farewell photoshoot.

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I also have two sets of pictures up on Flickr here and here.
I'm going to really miss this place!

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I went up to northern Michigan with my boyfriend to meet his family for a couple days and so that he could show me around and stuff...

I made him take me around to quite a few abandoned houses in the area, and he took me to Building 50, which used to be an insane asylum, but is now being renovated (but I have alot of pictures of the abandoned parts)

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Found Object Artist Finds Inspiration in Abandoned House

All Things Considered, March 13, 2008 · The Portland Museum of Art in Maine is currently exhibiting "Bright Common Spikes," the first major retrospective of John Bisbee, a Maine sculptor who, over the course of his career, has made almost all of his art with what most people use to hang it up — nails.

It all started when Bisbee was a student in college. He was raiding abandoned houses for found objects to use in his art when he came upon an old bucket of nails.

Listen to the story here for more about this abandoned house and his art.

New Orleans by Night, June 11th 2006

Hi y'all. New member here. I'm a New Orleanian with a passion for exploring places I'm not supposed to go. Last week I found an old Popeye's Chicken Mardi Gras doubloon in a cedarobe upstairs in a house slated for demolition. My wife thinks I am crazy but she liked the doubloon.

I took these about six months after we moved back into our neighborhood, Broadmoor. Most houses were empty then and the whole area was haunted with the sounds of open doors slamming in the wind. The streets were white with sheetrock debris and most streetlights were out so the streets were ghostly white in the moonlight. Sometimes I miss the wildness of those days now that things are more normal.