March 18th, 2008


Fifteen years on the Erie Canal

This looks like an old coal powered steam plant. Turbines along with the fly wheel seem to be intact. I can't quite get to it though, the floor in that room is covered with two feet of snow. Holes can be seen from a distance. Since, I found this one driving around my old neighborhoods and it was a solo explore, I decided the reward just wasn't enough for the risk. Sorry. Oh yeah, and part of the roof caved in when I was in the green room =p

There's an old mill across the street that it looks like this powered. That's today's project.

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SC Tenant House

This picture set features an abandoned farm house I found in Laurens County. This may have been a tenant house, evidenced by the sparse features of the structure. It would appear that many of the interior walls have been removed from the structure. A single chimney rises into the center of the house while a large gap in the roof has rotted out a section of the house's flooring.

All 45 pictures of the SC Tenant House are in this flickr set.

Top:South Carolina, Laurens County, Tenant House
Bottom: Looking Into the Right Side of the House

Click on picture to see more larger image

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