March 20th, 2008

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Abandoned Places – The Lost Golf Course (Aug 07)

After a bit of exploring the “newer” house, we decided to venture next door to the old one. The newer house was 1950’s vintage with upgrades in the 1970’s and 80’s. This house was probably 1930’s construction with additions in the 1940’s including a porch step from 1945. It was finding the date on the porch step that peaked my curiosity. Further research on the site and the area, showed me that this was originally part of a recreation center and full size golf course which supported nearby Liberty and Victory Fields (WW2 era training sites for pilots). The military background and desert brown goes a long way to explain the color plan in these houses.

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Abandoned Barn on Batesville Road, Greenville SC

This picture set features an abandoned farm barn near my workplace. The farm house has been torn down, leaving a barn and an ancillary shed. The barn had a doorway high in the air with no apparent way to reach the door.

All 58 pictures of the Batesville Barn are in this flickr set.

Top:Batesville Road Barn
Bottom: Sculptured Rotting Boards at Rear of Main Barn Area

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