March 21st, 2008


A sad notice

If any of you remember my pictures of the abandoned Evergreen Airport in Vancouver, Washington, I drove past it tonight, and while there are still builidings for me to invade, it's already being demolished.
I saw signs when I drove past tonight that there are still things I can get close to, and hopefully things I can loot.
I realize looting is a bit touchy, but my personal feeling is that if the place is being demolished, I should save what I can.
Especially at an airport where Lindberg once landed.
....but obviously, I'm not going to dodge bulldozers to do it.
Hopefully it will stand up through the next week so I can see if there's anything to grab...if not, I'll still shoot pictures when I can.
Today I didn't have my camera, and my wanky ankle was acting up, otherwise I would have poked around the site in some way.
I saw some very promising desk/file cabinets inside one of the demolished hangars...and I'm SO there when my ankle is working.
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Abandoned Places – The Lost Golf Course (Aug 07)

For those who commented on pouring concrete on Christmas Day, weather in the Antelope Valley can be a bit fickle in the winter. You take what day you can to do some things. Given that the house was probably the ground’s keeper’s place once upon a time, that day may have been to only one he wasn’t busy on. As noted, this was originally part of a recreation center and full size golf course which supported nearby Liberty and Victory Fields (WW2 era pilot training sites).

I’m going to split the posts on the Pro Shop/Bar and the Shed into two. Not to draw it out further, but because I really don’t want to put up close to 25 images at once..

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