March 28th, 2008

A Short Video Of A Dirty House...

In My First Entry On This Community I Posted Pics From A House
That Was Covered In Crazy Obscene Language.

On That Area Of Land There Are 3 Houses Covered In This Writing.
The One In My Previous Post Was The Middle-Sized One.
Up The Hill From It Lies A Smaller House
(Which Is In The Best Condition And Is The One In The Video)
And Not Far From That Lies A Pretty Large Mansion.
I Will Post Pics From The Mansion In The Future.

Please Excuse The Video Editing Quality,
I Was Simply Playing Around. :P

Oh, And The Score Is "Ghosts" By Thomas Newman
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Abandoned Places – SoCal Abandoned Trip #2 – The Salton Sea

The North Shore Motor Lodge

Just a short walk from the Yacht Club was another lingering memory of the Salton’s unique past. The North Shore Motor Lodge and later the North Shore Motel was a typical 1960’s era efficiency motel for vacationers enjoying the beach, the boating and natural beauty of the Salton Sea. The rooms were spacious by today’s standards; there was pool, a snack bar (no restaurant) and well, the Beach in easy walking distance. It didn’t last..

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