April 1st, 2008


sad little place on outskirts of columbia missouri

my boi and i found this house by mistake; we were driving back from visiting a home that had been abandoned last year but is now being lovingly renovated. this random find is right across the street from a modern development, and has a for sale sign out front. from what we can tell though, all the realtor has done is sweep squatter trash into piles in the house. the front door was unlocked. the grounds had a lot of fifties era evidence, but the interior had clearly been redone around the seventies, ie: horrible fake wood paneling.

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Abandoned Places – SoCal Abandoned Trip #2 – The Salton Sea

Bombay Beach – Long road to ruin

Bombay Beach is a small community on the east side of the Salton Sea. Originally, it was developed on a low sane. Low is something of an understatement as Bombay Beach is the lowest settlement in North America (-223ft below sea level). It also sits pretty much on top of the San Andreas Fault. While it would not be a far reach to say the town was really poorly planned, Bombay Beach also suffers from several other significant problems. The Salton is broad and shallow, so when the wind blows there, the lake can shift. The surrounding area became marsh and as the salinity of the water increased in the 60’s, these became salt bogs. What should have been the coupe’ de gras for Bombay Beach was a series of serious tropical storms which hit southern California in the winter of 1976 – 77, inundated the southern half of the town (500 lots). A large dike was hastily built to protect the northern half but the damage was done. Now the remains of the southern half of town are slowly but steadily sinking into a salt bog.

Salt crusted remains

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Another Factory

Northeast Ohio- went exploring with a friend of mine again, who is an excellent photographer.

The building had the coolest peeling paint i've ever seen. Layers upon layers, white peeling to green peeling to red coming off the brick. It was just giant sheets of paint peeling off, so freakin' cool.

Other notable things...
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So here are the shots I came away with...

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I hope you like them. :)
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Apex, NV

DSC_3052_3_tonemapped, originally uploaded by CurtisJoeWalker.

There are all these old remnants of the railroad around Las Vegas. Trains don't come through town too much, maybe a couple a day. Passenger service ended in 1995. I'm still amazed to see things like this dating back to the steam era. Old telegraph lines run alongside the track, strung with literally tons of valuable copper salvage.

At this location, 3 tracks lie parallel to one another, with all but one set covered in a layer of surface rust. The water tank is speckled with dustings of buckshot from disrespectful gun nuts. The southern face is decayed with rust from the continual assault of the sun.