April 2nd, 2008

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Abandoned Places – SoCal Abandoned Trip #2 – The Salton Sea

Bombay Beach – Long road to ruin

Bombay Beach was founded in Oct of 1928. Originally it was planned as a vacation community for the very rich. The Great Depression sank that hope. Military bases close by and the abundant natural beauty of the place, brought renewed attention in the late 1940’s. By the mid 1950’s, Bombay Beach was growing. The beach resort and trailer campground was constructed and two marinas served the area. At one point the area had over 2000 residents. Times change and by the late 1960’s the Salton Sea was taking hits right and left. To the south, the agricultural development of the Imperial Valley increasing removed more inflow to the Salton and replaced it with tainted farm run-off. The salinity of the Salton continued to increase to the point that only the hardiest saltwater fish could survive.

Suspended in oblivion

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Abandoned places in London

Hi All,

I have been lurking for a while now and I am so impressed with the wonderful pictures posted in the community. I am finally planning to get out and do some exploring and take some pictures of my own and I am wondering if anyone knows of any interesting sites in London or Greater London?

Thanks in advance for any comments :-)
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