April 4th, 2008

Ol' Blue

This House Is Right By Where I Live.
I See It All The Time And Figured One Day I Should Just Stop And Photograph It.
So I Did :)
As You Can Tell From All The Vegetation These Photos Were Taken Some Months Ago.
I Think It's Quite Pretty, Being Light Blue Sitting Amongst All The Green.
I Have Yet To Go Inside Of It, And Don't Know If I Ever Will.
It Is Well Secured, All The Windows And Doors Are Locked,
And I'm Not One For Breaking And Entering...
I'm Actually Not That Curious About The Inside,
It's The Outside That Attracted Me To It.

*Oh, I Feel I Need To Address This...
Every Time I Post, The Topic Of My Typing "Style" Comes Up.
For The Record... I Type This Way Because It Pleases Me.
I Hope No One Is Upset By It, That Is Not My Purpose.
I'm Here To Share Photos And Stories With People Who, Like Me,
Enjoy Abandoned Locations And The History Behind Them.
I Personally Would Not Care How Someone Wrote
So Long As What They Were Writing Was Of Interest To Me.

I Only Make This Note Because It Seems Some People Actually Dislike Me For My Typing.
That Is Sad, But If It Is The Case Please Just Don't Bother Reading My Posts.
And If You Do, Try To Refrain Yourself From Whining About Me In The Comments.

No Worries Though, 90% Of You Guys On Here Are Very Kind :)
I Appreciate The Comments And Have Learned A Few Things In The Short Time I've Been A Member Of This Community.

I Digress...
Here's A Few Other Photos.

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Abandoned Places – SoCal Abandoned Trip #2 – The Salton Sea

Bombay Beach – Long road to ruin

According to the US Census in 1990, Bombay Beach showed a little over 900 residents. By the 2000 Census that is down to 368 residents and stats further show the residents are either retirees, or low median incomes. In simple terms, they’re either to old and stubborn to leave or they’re too poor to find a way out. These are the kinds of folks that endure the smell, the toxic clouds of alkali salt stirred up by wind storms and polluted waters nearby.

As a case in point, after exploring the ruins on the lake side of the levee, we backtracked to a home complex on the “live” side of town. According to a youngster who gave me and fynoda something of a guide tour of this place, the extended family that had lived here for decades, finally found another place in Riverside and had planned to come back to get the rest of their stuff.. Several years passed and people ransacked the house. See, people don’t sell their houses/trailers here, they abandon them and deny they ever existed.

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