April 5th, 2008


While traveling through South Alabama, I  recently noticed an old farm house right next to the highway. The house had collapsed long ago, burying its contents under various debris. I didn't get the first shot before a lady in a white SUV popped up. She said the remains belonged to her in-laws and people had been taking things. Once I told her I was only taking pictures, she said it was okay. Still, I decided not to push my luck and got only 12 shots.

The full set can be viewed here

Industrial Waste

Here's Another One From Last Summer's Archives.

Found This Place In PA While At My Aunts House For A Family... Thing.
I Was Eating A Particularly Good Hot Dog Out On Her Porch,
When Some Strange Metal Stack-Like Objects Caught My Eye.
They Were Just Slightly Higher Than The Trees, And Looked Out-Of-Place.
I Decided To Check It Out Since Family Things Are, Well, Sometimes Dull.
I Needed A Short Break From All Of It Anyway.
My Younger Cousin Shares The Same Attraction To Strange Places I Do,
So I Went And Grabbed Him, And My Camera, And Set Off Through The Woods.
After Really No Time At All I Came To An Old Factory, Or Something Like A Factory.
It Is Quite Large And Pointy.

A Few Weeks Later I Went Back And Shot A Little With A Model.

Sadly, I Have No Idea Of The History.
It's Located In East Stroudsburg PA. Or At Least Very Close To It.
If Anyone Knows What This Was, I Would Love To Know.

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