April 7th, 2008

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This was built during Soviet times as railway workers' club. But after SSRS collapse it was used in so many ways by different groups and subcultures. There were metal concerts, a squat and punkrock/hardcore club, then paint-ball, even MTV made a gig here a year ago. Now in the back of the building there is a new underground punkrock club, which is however illegal, not registered. But the whole building still is abandoned and lonely. It is known by the name Kablys, which "the hook" in Lithuanian.

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Abandoned Places – SoCal Abandoned Trip #2 – The Salton Sea

The Corvina Café – The Long Road Home

On the drive out, we stopped at another iconic site along the eastern shore of the Salton Sea. The Corvina Café once served travelers along California Hwy 111, and guests of the nearby Corvina Beach resort, campground and RV Park. It appears now that only the RV Park remains. I’ve not been able to find much info on the café, so instead I’ll merely leave you with these images taken before the long drive home.

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First Post

I currently attend a small college in south-central Pennsylvania and I recently have noticed an enormous amount of abandoned houses and barns all over the place! I'm taking a photography course here right now, so for the past few photoshoots "abandoned places" has kinda become the theme of the semester.

These houses are all over the place, set back and almost completely unnoticed despite being along fairly major roads (or as major as it gets out here.)
This is the only print I've actually made, the other are enlarged from the contact sheet I made (so I'm sorry about poor photo quality, and my scanner isn't too great so everything comes out a little sepia-toned).

Eventually I'll make full prints of these, because some of them are truly beautiful and don't show up when I scan them.
Here goes!


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First post

Alright, so this is a little bit different from the norm here, but I went to a beach town on the weekend and nothing was open because it's still the off-season. All of the stores were boarded up.  Now granted these places were only temporarily abandoned, and I didn't enter anywhere, but still got some photos I'm happy with. I'm putting them behind a cut because they aren't really abandoned... Feel free to delete if this is too off-topic :)
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