April 10th, 2008


A vacant home in Livonia

Originally this home was on 8 Mile Rd. My parents remember seeing it moved to the location where it now sits, sometime in 1969 or 1970. My folks still live in the neighborhood where this house is. I remember the family that lived here. Originally it was a man, wife, and two daughters. After a divorce, the mom wasn't really around anymore, but the dad and his kids were there. The daughters moved out years ago, and now the dad has moved away too.

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I was watching "Scariest Places on Earth" and they did a segment on an abandoned mental institution, but they wouldn't say where the place was. It was located somewhere in New England and was closed down in 1990 due to terrible patient conditions and cruel treatment. They also referenced an urban explorer website and filmed a group of urban explorers as they walked around in the place. Anybody know anything about the institution, site and/or the group of explorers? I could have sworn at some point I saw "New York" in a shot of the website. Any help is appreciated. :)
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