April 18th, 2008

Mark Twain

"HP Stable" Camas, Washington

It turns out there are several abandoned buildings within walking distance of my brother's house.
I don't know anything of the history of this place, I only "know" the name because of a sign on the stable, but I found it on one of my walks, and with lots of coverage in the rear of the property, it's very easy to walk freely back there snapping pictures, and plenty to shoot.
This place will be getting a second trip, for sure.

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Also,I've created a whole other LJ account that will be for pictures I've taken at the Evergreen Airport.
I've got pictures spanning most of the demolition.....lots of pictures, and I'm living at my brothers while our house gets remodeled, so it will take awhile to get them all edited, sorted, and uploaded.
Feel free to friend that account if you're interested.
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