April 19th, 2008


house in sturgeon, missouri

off on a small adventure today, intending to go junking, my husband and i came across this pretty lady just twenty minutes from our home:

we simply had to stop for a look. disappointed we were not. we actually visited with the grandson of the deceased owner, who told us the house was built in 1890, additioned in 1910, and lived in until the 1990's when the owner became, at 96, too infirm to dwell in it alone. when highway 63 was rerouted, the government bought part of the land from the current owner, so now half the house belongs to him and half to the feds. it's slated for demolition, but no progress has been made towards that for five years. we were invited to have a look around, which we did with much enjoyment. difficult lighting conditions notwithstanding, this was a great site and i loved exploring it.

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