April 28th, 2008

DVPN/Phactory Work Day 2

Work day two was another success! We moved more piles of refuse, but still had time for touring the site, dreaming, and discussions of the future. We have an extremely long way to go, but each time I touch the project, I am more convinced than the last time that this is going to all come together with time and persistence!

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Pabst Brewery

I don't see a lot of material from Milwaukee (or even Chicago), so I thought I would mention what could be a very cool location to take some pictures. The Pabst Brewery was founded in 1844 and before it's close in 1996 expanded to a 20 acre complex on the western edge of Milwaukee's downtown. They are trying to rehab it, but I am not sure how much that has progressed with the state of the real estate market. I definitely think it would be great to see some of it's treasures before it is turned into some condo monstrousity.
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I don't own a camera, so I can't post pictures. However, I pass by the Gates Rubber Factory on the lightrail a lot. I was wondering if anybody in Colorado had gotten in and taken pictures of the plant? If so can they be posted? I'm really curious about this place, but without a camera, I'm at a loss.