May 4th, 2008

Coldwar left over

I was doing a drive by scouting at this site out to make a weekend trip to explore and unfortunately it looks like most of its gone. Please excuse the poor focus. My travel camera recently stopped focusing properly.

This was a NIKE missile launch site. This is the front gate and guard shack to the launch pads. The Command center I had reports was still relatively intact about a 1/2 mile away as little as one year ago. It now has a new warehouse being built on the site and completely gone. :( I do hope to check out the launch pads and see if they are intact and accessible at a later date.

There is a second NIKE site about 20 miles away but all indications is the Command complex are gone or changed as to be not recognizable as well. Google maps shows a business on the launch site with sheds where the launchers would have been. Not sure if the underground part is there or not but the assembly building where the warheads and fuel was loaded is there. The Guard shack as well as the guard barracks building is also there. I will be doing a drive by in about 3 weeks.

More info about the NIKE missile program of the 50's.
Nike launch site