May 22nd, 2008

pyongyang hotel

probably the largest and tallest building thats tecnically abandoned...the Pyongyang Hotel, in Pyongyang, North Korea.....cause of money problems, they never finished the construction of it, they might complete it one day though..

its 1083 feet tall and 100 stories high, well was suppose to be

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LJ Advisory Board

Ladies and Gentlemen, from May 22nd thru May 29th, 2008 Live Journal is conducting and election for positions on the Live Journal Advisory Board. These individuals will represent their fellow users of Live Journal in helping to shape the direction this amazing community will take in the future.

The Election Polling is here:


In discussions with my co-moderator and friend, we mutually decided that we did not want to turn this community into a debate point and allow the post for other candidate forums. As I genuinely do not support censorship which is a concern of many candidates, I could not in good conscience keep my appeal posted here while denying the others.

To the community, I apologize that this was devisive to your interests and needs. I've left the link above so you can make up your own minds.
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