May 25th, 2008


In response to a SPAM attack on several communities

Hey SPAMbot!
I am banning you ( existencialismo ) from any community I moderate after posting that blattant commercial announcement in violation of the community rules. It's one thing to do a PSA for the elections, it's quite another to slime as many lists as you can. If I am elected to the LJ Advisor Board, these kind SPAM attacks will have repercussions.

I left it so other wanks can continue complaining. This was cut and pasted from the direct message sent to the jackass noted above. I deleted the massive 2 and a half page ad here moments after it appeared, then I had to leave my house to take care of real life issues. Deal with it people. If you want to be snarky or start a dramafest to support someone else (in the election) go elsewhere. That tactic has been tried in other communities and it won't fly here.
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