May 29th, 2008

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Wagon Wheel Inn

Hello, I hope this is allowed, I only have a question.

Does anyone have any experiences at the Wagon Wheel Inn in Oxnard, CA? I'd like to check it out but can't find much info online about it.

Thanks much!

Photo website help

I hope no one minds me asking this on here. I've noticed that there are a fair number of professionals who post here, and I would appreciate some assistance if nobody minds giving it (and it's not in violation of the community's rules). If it is, please feel free to delete this post, with my apologies.

I want to set up a way to sell my images online, which I think would be not only easier for me but more convenient for anyone who might wish to purchase them, and I was wondering if anyone has ever used anything like Shutterfly for such a thing?

Are there any other sites like Shutterfly out there? I want to keep it simple, and I honestly don't have the time or ability to set up my own website from scratch, let alone pay someone fairly to do it for me. Plus I know the whole shopping cart thing can be a pain. I like that there are sites that handle the printing and shipping for me. I will still of course handle orders myself if a personal friend prefers that.
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abandoned Pennsylvania

I finally upgraded my flickr account so I have been trying to catch up with uploading images.

Here's one from an abandoned diner near where I live (I posted a couple of the images taken at this location a few months ago)

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Small Fairy

Just a few miles from my house

I live in a part of Georgia that is torn between rural Cental Georgia and a suburb of Atlanta. My county has grown faster than I'd like in just the 5 short years I've lived here. I drive by this place often and today I noticed a yellow sign indicating re-zoning of the land is coming up before the county commissioners. So soon, I suspect this will be gone. When I first saw it I thought it was a barn (I LOVE old barns! But that's another story) but when I got out and explored around it I discovered it was a house.


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