June 2nd, 2008

Bannack Ghost Town, Montana

This weekend my boyfriend and I travelled to the ghost towns around here. Bannack is a big, decently preserved ghost town in Montana that has an interesting history. It hit its prime in 1863 and its sheriff was also the leader of a gang of murderers and robbers (to briefly sum it up). I got some nice photos for my first post to the community. :) Enjoy.

Collapse )

Lister Block - The Return

Those who follow the news surrounding abandoned buildings may have heard of the Collapse at the Lister Block in Hamilton. Well I've been wanted to go back for some time now to see the damage.

The Wounded

As you can see the Block itself is unaffected, only one of the side buildings, older and of poorer construction was damaged because of the collapse and was torn down. The main Lister block was unaffected.

Arcade Natural

Honey...I'm home.

To see more of the Lister http://www.flickr.com/photos/axle81401/sets/72157600013609753/ . These images cover all my adventures in the block, from my first entry in 2006, to my most recent trip just this past Friday.