June 5th, 2008

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Abandoned Places – Ventura County Refinery (Aug 07)

Now that things have calmed down and the trolls have returned to their dens, I feel comfortable posting some photos that I’ve been sitting on for a while. In fact, till very recently, I hadn’t wanted to post anything from this trip because some of the unpleasant memories from the day. Long story and I’m not going to go there.

Last summer badgerphone, my kids and I went out to meet and explore a site referred to me by horizon_eyes - an abandoned oil refinery. Given that southern California used to be a major oil producing region and there are many wells still operating here, I found it ironic to see a 60+ acre gasoline refinery completely decommissioned. We got there before our companions and had the chance to explore three houses which lay abandoned outside the refinery gates.

Welcome and mind your step

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