June 30th, 2008


barry-wehmiller plant, saint louis MO

the boi and i spend the greater part of last weekend exploring and photographing urban decay in small sections of saint louis. this city has sprawled far past its natural boundaries of the missouri and mississippi rivers, right into illinois. you are techically in saint louis an hour before you're anywhere near downtown. because of this, the center areas of the city are eerily unpopulated, with nearly two out of three houses standing vacant in some neighborhoods. there is also an abundance of abandoned industrial spaces, due in part to sprawl and the advent of I70, which in many cases made the once conveniently located facilities not so convenient anymore.

in other words, we had a field day(s). i'll be making multiple posts this week. our first location, which we'd been lusting for since we'd seen it from the highway back in april, turned out to be plum. the barry-wehmiller dudes have been STL based for over one hundred years. this plant was built in 1912 and looks to have been shut down around the early nineties. it includes huge packing bays, loading docks, receiving facilities, offices, a basement, and tons more. barry-wehmiller are still in the area, though, and do packaging, engineering/IT support, corrugating, and paper conversion. they are now world-wide, and have acquired a dozen other companies. we don't know if they outgrew this facility, or if it became outdated and would have been bothersome to renovate.

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In West Virgnia, The Weston Asylum

here are the pictures I took when I toured Weston. It was an asylum that was built in around 1869? Anyways, it has TAPS, was a haunted house, and now is doing tours and you can spend overnight in it. Kind of creepy, and is very musty. Though it must contain lot of history. I thought people might be interested in seeing some pictures of this abandoned Asylum.

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It was a fun tour, but a little too extensive.  It did sort of give me a nervous feeling after awhile, and it has been featured on Ghost Hunters.

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