July 1st, 2008


tyler street neighborhood, saint louis MO

again, the boi and i spent last weekend wandering about central saint louis exploring abandoned places. we got off I70 on our way out of town, actually, because we saw house after house and couldn't stand it. these photos are the results of that. in about a three block radius, we saw at least seven houses, one high school, and two old factories, all vacant. we were able to enter two of the homes. we were right off the highway, and yet there was this strange countryside hush to the air. a couple old houses had been renovated and were being lived in. there were also some brand new modern townhomes that had gone in literally across the street from these places. lots of fields. part ancient ruins, part basic lower economic class neighborhood. an amazing experience. my best guess is that once the industries in the area shut down (thanks so much, I70), people moved away. i can't wait to go back. i'm still reeling.

83 more on my photobucket, including details and incredible interiors.
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