July 2nd, 2008

The Barber(y) Coast :: Barber Mill, Georgetown, ON

In 1854 the Barber Brothers, established a paper mill on the banks of the Credit River in Georgetown, ON. Within a few years it was a major producer of rag paper. James Barber eventually gained sole ownership of the business and after he passed away his son John took over the family business. In 1888 Barber Mill was the first mill in Canada to install a dynamo which provided the mill with Electrical Power. The Mill continued operations until 1984 when it was shut down and abandoned.

In 2004 attempts where made to stabalize and restore the mill into something of a "Distillery District (Toronto)" for Georgetown. However since 2004 nothing has happened and the place is falling apart.

I first went here July 1st, 2007, so only fitting that I go back a year later. The year had not been good to the place. More floors were missing, some floors felt unstable under my careful footsteps.

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Abandoned farmhouses, Alberta, Canada

Hi. First time poster here!

It's a hobby of both mine and my mothers' to go kicking around old range roads and down dirty lanes in the middle of nowhere here in Alberta looking for forsaken houses, farms, and the like. This past Saturday we went out, and found an amazingly large amount of houses, in addition to a ghost town called Dorothy, south of Drumheller.
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Hello I'm Heather I just joined here because Ive always loved these kinda places.  So I decided it was time to post a few of the pictures I have from around my area which is Port Huron, MI.  So enjoy.
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