July 9th, 2008

damn fine coffee

Emery Hall

Recently I took a short sight-seeing road trip from Minnesota to West Virginia, so I will be posting a few of the things I saw along the way. Here's a cute little place!

Ooo pretty, isn't it?

Some info about the building.

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There's more! Just wait! :)

farmhouse on I70 near truxton, missouri

or as the boi and i affectionately termed it, Poison Ivy Manor!

why did we call it such a name, you ask?

it's swimming in a veritable sea of this horrid nasssty stuff. a fairly effective natural trespassing deterrent, but of course we were far too intrepid to be thwarted. ;)

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entire set here... highlights include lovely crumbling wallpaper, a gorgeous hardwood staircase, and lots of shadow/light play. hope y'all like.
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