July 26th, 2008

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Cave City, KY

Cave City is named as such due to it's location near Mammoth Cave.(Park City is the actual place that surrounds it) I think it was in it's hey day back in the 60's and 70's when people went on road trips for vacation. There are various kitschy places still in business there (Like Dinosaur World and the original Wigwam Village) but many have fallen into a state of disrepair and are just sitting there empty.

This particular place was once a putt putt golf course, and I think the houses around it housed various carnival type attractions, like a haunted house and food vendors. Next to it is the abandoned Mammoth Cave Wax Museum. I would love to go in there as I'm sure the statues haven't been moved.

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It's Miller Time

The Miller Theater, opened in 1940, was at one time one of the grandest theaters in Augusta. Designed by architect Roy A. Benjamin, it reflects the typical Arte Moderne style, complete with glass blocks and curved neon marquee. It is currently the last remaining theater of this type in Georgia.

In the decline of downtown Augusta in the early to mid '80s, the theater was forced to close and sat unused. Over the years, the theater had been damaged by the elements, and was on the verge of being condemned.

Stars like Eddy Arnold and Katherine Hepburn have performed at or visited Augusta's Miller Theater. The world premiere of the film `The Three Faces of Eve' was held at the Miller Theater. Even in it's last days, the theater was the home for Augusta's own performing arts groups such as the Augusta Ballet and the Augusta Players.


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