July 28th, 2008

Fire In The Disco

Firestone Canada was first incorporated in 1919, with their Hamilton factory built in 1921, the first tire rolled off the lines in 1922. At the time it was the most modern production plant in the company. However by 1987 financial troubles continued to plauge Firestone and forced the colosure of of the Hamilton plant. A few short months short of possibly being saved by the purchase of Firestone by Bridgestone. Hamilton operations continued but in a warehouse only. By the mid 1990's all ties with Hamilton was cut when Bridgestone ceased all operations and moved to Mississauga.

Firestone...from the front

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oh hai

Getting in

For a lot of these places we Abandoners like to raid for pictures,  how do you get in?

Do you know a guy who knows a guy?

Do you just show up, camera in hand?

Do you call ahead and ask if you're OK to be there?

Traction Street Industrial Site - Greenville SC

Located at the corner of Easley Bridge Road and Traction Street, this abandoned factory has been partially demolished and stands as a mute reminder of the area's industrial past. I've researched the property on the internet and could not find the name of the company previously at the location. Sometimes this is the frustration of using the internet. Recent news is a the tips of one's fingers, but historical information is often lacking on this modern information service.

Metal Stairs, Sans all the Steps!
Original Factory Windows

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