August 1st, 2008


Spine Like a Rattlesnake

Neshoba / Newton County, Mississippi.
Four large pictures under the cut.

This first house is on land owned by a very old man who was never brought up on charges, but was likely involved the 1964 civil rights killings. My father told me that this isn't damage from Katrina, since the place was inhabited until a tornado went through the area. Houses disappear quickly, the humidity and hordes of hungry bugs make very quick work of dead wood. I expect this place to be covered over or buldozed and replaced by next year.

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I find lots of houses I'd like to paint posted on this group. So I've got a couple of important questions.

If someone asks permission to use your photo as a reference for a painting, would you feel like you were being ripped off, or complimented?

If I like a picture for a reference here, I'll be sure to ask on a case-by-case basis, but I wanted to test the water.
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Abandoned Places –the Burned Ranch (Part 2 of 2)

Without a doubt, the site had seen far better days. Given it’s condition and Los Angeles County’s aggressive policy towards abandoned and seriously damaged sites, it will likely end up meeting the same fate as Felicia’s tow (nearby) haunts. Until then the site has become a haven for the flighty.. some good birds of a feather, some bad.

The Burned Ranch (Part 2)

Turn out the lights before you go (main house)

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