August 3rd, 2008

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Abandoned Places – The Last Expedition

Ok to clarify, in September of 2007 I took my last expedition with badgerphone. Soon after that we parted company due to personal issues. On that September afternoon, she snuck out from her apartment and we proved the old adage that you could drive a few miles in any direction from Lancaster and find sites. As another acquaintance commented to me, “ah good times..”

The Ruins
The first site we found was actually a dump site, a very illegal one, but one that included an abandoned set of work trailers.

This slow boat to oblivion caught our attention. What is about boats in the desert. At least it was pointed towards the ocean ..

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Abandoned places around NM

The recent post about about finding boats in the desert, reminded me of a few of the Abandoned places i had found and photographed over the last year or so. long time lurker, first time poster.


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Return to SC Tenant House

I like to sometimes revisit an abandoned location. The time of year may be different, the lighting changed, or perhaps the deterioration may have progressed. In this spirit I returned to a tenant house in Ora SC. The structure is a bizarre combination of intactness and ruin. There is a water rot hole underneath the hole in the roof. The rest of the wood is relatively intact. It appears that somebody stripped out the internal walls. In the middle of all of this is a very sturdy fireplace that has green paint on one side.

This abandoned rural tenant house continues to amaze me. I wish I could find more sites like this...

Opening in Roof Above Painted Side of Fireplace
Rear of Tenant House.  Attached Portion is Kitchen.  Hole in Roof is on the Right Side of the Picture

Click on an picture to see a larger image.

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abandoned homestead near kansas city, missouri

upon returning from our anniversary trip to saint joseph missouri (which yielded zillions of awesome photographs that i am still sorting through), my husband nick and i glimpsed from the highway the back of what we thought was an abandoned farm. some backtracking found an access road to what turned out to be an agricultural mechanic's homestead. it was a unique experience for both of us, as we'd not been on such a site before. there were several buildings to explore, among them the house and barn. gorgeous weather made it easy to take many good pictures. whilst there, we were investigated by a gang of curious adolescent girly cows, which was amusing. below the cut is a sampling; the other hundred-odd can be found by following the link.

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y'all come on back, now!
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looking for a photographer in Japan (Tokyo)

greetings Urban Photo community. i am an American currently living in Japan looking for photographers to work on a collaborative art project. while i am looking for artists of various disciplines and locales, i specifically need a photographer (particularly one interested in urban photography, with an eye for decaying, abandoned, decrepit places) who is in the Tokyo area. anyone out there in Japan?