August 8th, 2008

813 clock Weston

Weston State Hospital

The 4th Floor of the Central Administration building at Weston contains nurses' quarters and the projection room that overlooks the auditorium.

main stairway

This is the projection room, from the hallway. The floor was sketchy in there. The auditorium is one of the off-limits areas of the building because of its floors. I think I see some sky through there, so it makes sense that the floors might be bad. This part of the building is directly under the clock tower, which is also off-limits and is in dire need of repair. Good news about that - the state has recently pledged matching funds to repair it! Yay!

Nurses' quarters

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Small Fairy

Abandoned Warehouse

In Central Georgia.  I have no idea what it used to house/manufacture, there isn't anything that tells me what its former life was.  I was terrified of snakes while wading through the waist high grass to get to the doors and I didn't venture (very) far into the inside because I was afraid of the saggy roof.  But here's what I have


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