August 12th, 2008


CCC cabin

It's not totally abandoned, it's the CCC cabin that sits on the Fort Niobrara refuge, in the winter pasture for the buffalo and elk. It takes about 4 hrs of horseback  riding to get to the cabin, and we usually take a little lunch break before heading back home. The refuge uses the cabin for fall round up, they ride there and camp the first night before rounding up the buffalo, the next morning. The pasture is right around 2500 acres.  I need to buy a littler camera than the Canon 40d to carry on horse back.  So I can take more pictures, this was taken last fall.

Picture of us heading back to the trailers....see the little trail through the trees, we have to go through that and on the other side of the trees, to get back to the trailers

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Abandoned summer residence F

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Already enough known object, local bayan if to be expressed correctly. In general it is interestingly simple because object rather not typical.
The building in 2 floors, is enough not small, in rather shabby condition, places already collapsing.

 (700x471, 138Kb)

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MA Locations

I'm going to MA in the fall (Salem in particular) and I found a few sites I'm interested in checking out.  I'm not asking for exact locations here or anything, I'm just curious, out of the following list of places, does anyone know if they are typically watched by the police or have guards or anything?  Since I only have a few days, I dont want to spend time driving somewhere where I will immediately be stopped by security just for standing on the sidewalk and pointing and saying "ooh, it looks cool".  Middlesex sanitarium, Steinert Music Hall, Cranberry Specialty Hospital, North Hampton, Worcester State Hospital.  Thanks in advance for any help.


Abandoned Mini Golf Course Bloomsburg, PA

So, I know some of you have posted mini golf courses before, but I dont think this one has ever been posted this one. I found it in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and I was SOOOOO happy to find it because Ive been dying to shoot one! Oh and I just found out my parents used to live right next to an abandoned amusement park! How cool is that? Anyways here we go....

Wolf Hollow Mini Golf 

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