August 14th, 2008

The Pleiades


Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Adam and I am a photographer (mostly of cats). I am very spiritual and study alot about mediums similiar to myself. I receive alot from photographs psychically. I love the photos here. Many have positive or negative or beyond that energies. I am especially drawn to the factories and this new chemical plant album. The architecture astounds me as well. Wow! I just wanted to ask if everyone could at least give as general as they can of the location of their abandoned place?

Thank you.

I don't have any photos of abandoned places but intend to. It's very inspiring to be here!
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Sulpher Grove Cemetery

This is my first post on abandoned places.
Please be gentle ;) This is one of the many Ohio metroparks, it is called Carriage Hill. Located in Huber Heights aka Sulpher Grove, it has a pretty cool history. Less than 3 miles from my home,I have been coming here since1977. But it wasn't  till the mid 80's that I discovered the family plot of the Arnold family.
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Abandoned chemical combine

It is rather old report, but it should be looked.

One of few objects who is not worn out to death. A magnificent place from the point of view of a photo. Huge territory, a plenty of structures. There is impressing a thermal power station and a water tower.

And so, after long painful processings of the staff something has turned out. Results:

 (464x699, 255Kb)

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Abandoned Places – Ft MacArthur and Rancho Palos Verdes (Part 1) – Jun 08

Fort MacArthur

At the southern end of Los Angeles lays the remains of the city’s military past. Fort MacArthur guarded the main sea approaches to San Pedro Bay. The Fort’s days as a defensive position ended in 1974 when the NIKE missile air defense site was deactivated. The upper and lower reservations of the fort were turned over to Los Angeles as parks. One of the most unique aspects of the former military site is the remains of the WW 1 era shore batteries. At one time, two pairs of 14 in (355mm) “disappearing rifles (canons)” were positioned to throw 1200 lb (544 Kg) anti-ship rounds as far as Catalina Island 18 miles (30 Km) distant. Two gun emplacements and their associated fire director building have been turned into a museum. fynoda and I started our abandoned site hunt amidst the abandoned shore batteries.

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