August 16th, 2008

Patarei Prison

Patarei Prison in Tallinn, Estonia has been abandoned for a few years but still operates as an unconventional museum open to visitors for a small fee. Please see here and here for some interesting background reading.

"Patarei jail is not a regular museum. It’s old, noir and moist. Not very pleasant place to be for years and years and years… You have good opportunity to peek into the cells and many other rooms of that huge fortress. Patarei is unique and grim remnant from our past. USSR still exists between these walls.You can see history in every part of that building. Old documents and newspapers, posters of long forgotten movies and dead plants are just short list. It might not be very ethical to take visitors to the places like hanging room. But at least it makes people think about the horror of our past. It also makes them feel good about their/our freedom"

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Abandoned Marble Quarry

This is an abandoned marble quarry just outside of Louisville, Tennessee. Surprisingly I didn't find out about it until a friend of mine found it and took me out there. Unfortunately, my camera's memory card went missing, so I wasn't able to take pictures with it. Luckily, my cell phone has a camera on it, and I made use of it that day. I was only able to clean up 12 out of 30 pictures (all of them had weird purple splotches in them from the sunlight), however, and even the cleaned up versions aren't that great. Once I get a new memory card for the camera I'll go back and take some better ones where you can see everything a bit better.

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I was also able to find something that mentioned the quarry, even if it is just a couple of sentences. I think the quarry may have been one of those that closed down in the 1950's...but I can't be sure.

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