August 29th, 2008


3 small sites in danville, missouri

husband nick and i had ourselves a little photoventure down I-70 here in mid-missouri on wednesday, and we found three interesting locations quite by accident. i got off the highway at danville thinking it was someplace else entirely, but as it turns out, fortune was with us. we explored two crumbling service station outbuildings, and one house that had been stripped down to the frame and some tarpaper. we did not find any dans.

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Pasadena, ca

Im looking for a cool abandoned place to photograph and explore around the Pasadena, ca area. I dont mind traveling a lil for a good location so feel free to fill me in if you know of any that are about an hr or so away also! I think a ghost town kinda thing would be really cool too.

Anyways anyone with any suggestions let me know! Id really appreciate it :]

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