August 30th, 2008


Abandoned Viaduct

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Abandoned Viaduct

No railway is connected to this viaduct nowadays. And it stands forgotten memorial just sometimes noticed from some train passing by. But it could be an object of note at a tourist route just like one span of the old Novosibirsk bridge that had deserved a pedestal for itself. Could be - if not our Russian long distances.

Russia, Perm region, near Bartym, 2008-07-27.
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Lake Superior Ore Dock, Ashland, Wisconsin

Ore docks like this were once found at many ports on Lake Superior. Railroad trains carrying iron ore from the mines of Michigan and Minnesota would dump their loads into hoppers within the dock. Chutes would direct the ore into the holds of ships, which would then carry their cargo to the blast furnaces of industrial cities such as Cleveland, Detroit, and Buffalo. Now only a few are left,and only a handful of these still operate

The longest concrete ore dock (1800 ft/550 meters) was built at Ashland, Wisconsin by the "Soo Line" railroad in 1916. The nearby mines played out in the 1960s, and the dock was abandoned in 1965. The property was sold several years ago to the Canadian National railroad, and it appears likely that the structure will be demolished soon.

These photos were taken in the last three years, as crews gradually began dismantling the approach spans and removing the tracks for scrap.

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farmhouse and barn in warrensburg, missouri

we got this one last wednesday, too. my husband nick and i had fleetingly glimpsed what looked like the skeleton of a barn from the highway, and after some backtracking we found ourselves here. an overgrown lane led to a lovely two-story farmhouse with several outbuildings, plus the barn.

after asking around at the local general store, we found out it's all in the process of being harvested/demolished by the current owner, who lives across the road. i'm so glad we got to photograph it before it was razed.

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