September 10th, 2008


Community guidelines question

I have prints for sale via Ebay of some of my work, and most of them are of abandoned places. This is the main focus of my photography, and I have posted in the community as well as enjoyed all of your contributions.

I read the community guidelines, and am unsure if listing the auctions here would be a violation because I'm not sure if you would consider that advertising. I have mentioned in a post before that I had work available for sale, and was told that was fine. Personally, I would like to know if people in this community are selling their work, since most of it is things I would like to have. But the moderators may not feel the same.

Can I get a ruling on this?
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Fixer Upper?

I don't know about buying abandon properties. That looks like alot of hard work. My realator sent me this today-

Of course, I really don't have the money right now or the credit to be purchasing a house, but my friend is a realitor and is trying to help me and my old man out on getting started. I'll post more photos of it later. I might just look at the house to get photos of it. He! He!

Abandoned rest house of one from the ministries in USSR

Long it is possible many and to tell about a place, but perhaps at once in a forehead: in researched territory are available set of constructions, such as inhabited cases in 2 floors, a certain similarity of a house of culture combining in itself a dining room, a film-concert hall and something else. As there is an interesting building with library and a medical part. The library by the way appeared in quite good condition.

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