September 13th, 2008


The Moderator Speaks - Announcing versus Advertising

Somehow I managed to miss the post earlier this week that caused some folks undo angst. For that I do apologize. I'm usually more proactive.

There's a fine line between announcing and advertising. Trust me I know this from painful personal experience. Posting advertisements here is bad on general principles. Directing people to active eBay items, posting flyers, or links to business websites is not allowed as well. The last thing any of us want is an influx of advertisement and flyers.

Announcing a show you're in is OK, once, prior to the show. Announcing that a posted image is available for sale in the course of posting it to the community is also alright so long as that's all it is. No follow up sales pitches, hot links or web-redirects. A single simple, text announcement is allowable, either once per show or attached to a posted image ("For sale via my LJ"). People can contact you via your own LJ if they are interested.

To note, all of us who share our images here are proud of our work, finds or creative eye. Showing it off is acceptible. Beating people over the head with it to sell it isn't. Common sense and good taste. If you have questions on this ask the moderators first - directly via message. That avoids embarassment via posts or unnecessarily stirring up the community. If you aren't sure, send me a link to your LJ with the planned post and I will try to screen it within 24 hours.

Looking for a community

I found a interesting community. It was a nice community, showing picture of nothing but abandoned industrial factories. I found it yesterday but closed the page by accident and I want to look for it again. Can anyone help?
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