September 15th, 2008

The Pleiades

Abandoned Factories

I think of Factories as huge scary machine monsters that I am drawn to for some reason like maybe I died in one.

I'm unhappy because there have not been many abandoned factories shown lately.

Any links or info on Abandoned Factories would be of great interest to me.
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I am a pretty quiet member of this group, but I need to reach those who maintain websites of pictures they have taken of abandoned buildings and hold the copyright to. I belong to a group on yahoo of art quilters and fiber artists. We are preparing to make pieces for a art quilt show called " Abandoned Relic Fragments"... sorta abbreviated images in cloth inspired by photos of abandoned relics and abandoned buildings, only a small portion of the picture will be translated to cloth and quilted. This show will travel throughout the US in 2009, the plan is to hang the quilts above a copy of the photo that inspired each one, with the photographer's name and contact info.

If you are willing to let art quilters consider using one or more of your pics as inspiration for an art quilt, please post a link to your web site as a comment to this post. Sorry, no payment will be paid for permission to use your photos as inspiration, we are struggling artists too, but you will get as much publicity as we will during the show, and hopefully that will financially benefit the photographers whose pictures get chosen as inspirational photos for the fiber pieces created. Thanks! Andee