September 17th, 2008


Abandoned glass factory

To be exact the deserted case of a glass factory.
To not tell, that a place completely not interesting, but somehow not especially impresses. And in general unique more less qualitative object lately.

 (471x699, 165Kb)

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Inappropriate posts to the comm

Abandoned Churches Must Be Overran By Spirits
I do not believe that most christians are going to "heaven". I believe most of them (like my parents) will haunt a church and worship an idol of Jesus, knowing nothing about God until they can break out of that hell....

Sigh.. To explain, someone elected to post this scree and more earlier. I deleted for the benefit of the community.

This post was completely inappropriate to this community. After this is received, I will delete this post. Consider this a warning and DON'T do this kind of post here again - EVER!

To prevent further unnecessary insults, I'm locking this post and the next from further comments. Remember that the rules also say to be civil!
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