September 18th, 2008

Some pictures of 2 abandoned places:

The first one here is an abandoned barn. I drive past it every day on my way to work & I think they are going to tear it down because there are signs all over the place "RETAIL developement! buy space today" or some such tripe, I wish I could go in and explore more, but there are way too many cops in the area to make it worth the risk:
Its hard to see, but the roof is almost gone completely and you can see the sky through it when you look at the building on a sunny day.

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Some people need to not drink and type

The religious poster is banned.. nuff said, nothing to see, go off to explore, nothing to see here...

To prevent further unnecessary insults, I'm locking this post and the previous from further comments. Remember that the rules also say to be civil!
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This community and the pictures in them is one of my main sources of inspiration for characters that I write - and the houses that they lived in. Some of those characters are American (I'm Belgian), so trust me, this comm is very helpful!

There are a few chars to whom I'd like to tag a house onto, as crazy as it sounds. I wondered if anyone could point me to any pictures of abandoned farmhouses in Kansas and abandoned houses in South Carolina / Bible Belt? The more rural, the better. :)

If this post isn't allowed, feel free to tell me and I'll delete it. :)