October 8th, 2008

  • sir_mmu

Запах пустоты.

Пыль фабрик пахнет пустотой,
Машинным маслом и влажным цементом
Размокшей бумагой и гарью
Пахнет хаосом и разрушением.

Под катом больше размером.

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Willow Court Project

Royal Derwent Hospital

I'm interested in Abandoned building especially mental asylums. I have been exploring Royal derwent Hospital now for about a year. Please
Check out my video of a known haunted abandonded asylum. This video explores Ward G and Frescati located at Royal Derwent Hospital/Willow Court Tasmania, Australia.
If you like to see more video's and pics of Royal Derwent please visit my Live Journal Website!