October 15th, 2008

  • dj_axle

Hopped Into a Stolen Car and Took Highway 99

Okay...not really, it was more Highway 400, 69, Route 55, and Highway 17. Nor was I hard up for cash that I spent all night selling cocaine and hash.

But rather this was my drive up North to Manitoulin Island last week, I hit up every abandoned thing I could find while enroute.

Most of these locations fell because cars and truck began to have increased gas milage, the large corporations moved in putting these "mom & pop" places out of commission. In the case of the two Nairn locations, a large Esso service station is located to both of these stations. The two Whitefish locations, located along Route 55 closed when Route 55 was created. Rt 55 was a former alignment of Highway 17, the new alignment is located a few kilometers north of where Rt 55 lays now.

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