October 16th, 2008


The former manor "Pushchino on Nara", suburb of Serpukhov [Moscow area, Russia]

Russia, Moscow area, Serpukhov town' suburb

The former manor "Pushchino on Nara", september 2008

..This hereditary possession of princes Vjazemsky. The farmstead ensemble in style of classicism has been created in 1790th years. The palace ensemble has developed here in the end XVIII - the XIX-th century beginning when Sergey Vjazemsky, Andrey's brother, the owner of Ostaf'evo manor situated near Moscow became Puschin's owner.

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Abandoned Places – Alabama Roads (Part 2) – Aug 08

Immersed in nature

Following the little house in Oxford we turned north towards Gadsden. The traffic that Sunday morning was light enough that I put my two lookouts / kids to work spotting sites off the highway. The next site was a disused house we found, but I can offer no photos, and for good reason.

Sadly but wisely, I elected not to explore beyond the door. The site was an old 1920’s, cinderblock, sharecropper house with the front door chained shut. It wasn’t till I got to the front door that I saw the new(ish) No Trespassing sign hidden by the wild growth covering much of the house, so I turned back to shoot some of the beautiful wildflowers growing in the driveway. I got half way to my vehicle only to see a pickup (utility) truck pulling up behind it and driven by an irate and suspicious owner. After a few terse question about what I was doing on his land were answered to his satisfaction, we left there without incident (unlike the previous folks who he said he’d shot at for trying to break in), we headed further north.

The first one spotted was a farm building of some sort. The place was rapidly drowning in a sea of greenery. I had to work around the briars and spiders to get to the entrance.

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