October 19th, 2008


hospital in austin, texas

i found an abandoned orphanage in the west campus area of austin, texas. i've been in and seen some pretty cool shit and would like to take pictures, but my camera is broken. i'm interested in meeting fellow urban explorers in my area anyhow, so if anyone in austin would like to check this place out with me and help take some pictures to post that'd be great. (: i'm a junior at the university of texas and i'm studying philosophy. i'm interested in exploring simply for thrill and personal research (for creative writing and such).

looking forward to making "weird" friends,
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Abandoned houses in Coventry, UK

These were taken on the spur of the moment with my phone camera so the quality isn't the best. They are in Coventry, UK. I don't know a huge amount about their history but have been told that they have been abandoned for about 3 years. Apparently the smaller house was lived in up until then. The bigger building was the social club for a very large company. Following a series of mergers and takeovers the site is gradually being cleared in preparation for the new company moving to a new site which is under construction.

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Going to Paris

Hello there,

Tomorrow I am going to be in Paris. I'm itching to visit the catacombs but I would rather see them from a urban exploration perspective rather than getting the polished "official" experience. I don't suppose there is anyone here who can help me out? Perhaps someone would like to give me an unnoficial tour :) Normally I would try to find my own way in (and out) but I only have one day and I'd like to make full use of it. Here are a few links to some of the locations I've been to so you know I'm experienced and not a complete moron when it comes to urban explorations.