November 8th, 2008

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  • gwen666

Buffalo New York

A former Pepsi Cola bottling plant near North of Buffalo on a quiet backroad near Canadian border.

I visited there a year ago to look at setting up a manufacturing plant. Unfortunately the investor backed out so the project is still stalled.
Or is it ? I have heard a rumour that the investor wants to start the project without me. Is there anyone in the area that could drive by the building and report any activity ? Contact me and I'll give you the address.

Kobanya, Budapest, Hungary

Kobanya, is a district of Budapest, that used to be a city’s industrial Zone many ears ago, but with the growth of the city, it became a not-so-far-away part of the town. You can reach it, by going to the last stop of the “blue” metro line. By itself, its, not a place, but rather a collection of places. We have some beer factories, industrial complexes and what is more important: a large network of underground catacombs, some of which are flooded. Currently many of the buildings are demolished.

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