November 19th, 2008

Gas Factory (Budapest, Hungary)

The Gas Factory is located in the North-Western Part of Budapest not far away from the Danube and is located near the so called "Pepsi Sziget" Unlike most other zones, Gas Factory is special in the way, that many of its deeper places can be only accessed by dark and narrow underground corridors or climbing threw the roof. In fact the best part of the whole place are its roofs. Of coerce it aren't always easy to access the rooftop. But it you are sherpa enough, you can enter buildings, that otherwise can not be entered. As for underground corridors, those are more complicated thing, because in most cases they are REALLY long and narrow, however their nexus is in the watchtower, so its a sneaky way to get to the heart of the factory. Still, while crawling threw these I was wondering if they would collapse or not, which arn't a good feeling. Not recommended for claustrophobic people :) The reason they are so narrow is because previously there used to be gas pipes in them and gas pipes were not supposed to be huge. Also some underground areas contain stashes of seriously old stuff. For example we found a few Coca-cola bottles from 60s-70s.

Now for the actual watchtower. Its the biggest building in location and also the most dangerous one. Inside it looks a little like a cathedral and a lot of spiraling stairs that go really high. The craziest thing about those is that they are not fixed anywhere except at the very base. Now imagine the situation, you go 30 meters up on them and the whole thing starts shaking. Not for the faint of hearted. Worst thing is the fact, that they are pretty rotten at the bottom too, due to to much water in the tunnels. The top of the tower is filled with dust, burd remains and the watch mechanism is missing, however there is another ladder leading to the very top of the tower.

Currently the place is "restourated" which in practice means thay are going to tear it down and build something new on its place. :(

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